What is a Giclee?
The term Giclee comes from the french word meaning “fine spray" and is used to describe high quality, fine art prints. Giclee prints are created using a high resolution image and fine art graphics printer with archival inks. This highly technical process creates a beautiful, long lasting, high quality print. Photographers and artists in a variety of media use this method to reproduce their work.

Does a Giclee look exactly like an original painting?
There are many steps involved in producing a fine art Giclee print. Achieving a print that is very close to an original painting depends on the quality of the professional photograph taken of the art, as well as the the skill of the printer technician working with color reproduction. Our artists work closely with these technicians to ensure the best quality reproductions of their work.

Do I need to frame a Giclee?
A Giclee printed on paper should be framed behind glass. A Giclee on canvas does not need to be framed behind glass.

What is the difference between a gallery wrap and a side staples stretched canvas?
The depth of the stretcher bars varies depending on the final finishing and display of the painting. If the intention is to frame the painting, then a narrower profile is best. If a painting is going to be hung on the wall without a frame, the canvas is stretched on a wider profile bar, usually 1.5”-1.75” depth, and the image wraps around the sides.

What if I don’t see the size I need?
It is possible to get custom sizes. This would be a special order and we are happy to assist.