"Heart Shaped Fire In The Midnight Sky Pendant" by Barry Tuttle

"Heart Shaped Fire In The Midnight Sky Pendant" by Barry Tuttle

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This heart shaped "fire in the midnight sky" Petrified Palm Root pendant is set in solid Sterling Silver with rope border. 18" Chain is included. The fossil Petrified Palm Root is 20-40 million years old.

The raw stone was acquired from a stone supplier in Indonesia. The supplier lives in a remote area and offered a video of the raw rock delivery - two strong men struggling as they pushed a full wooden wheel barrel up a steep hill to his location. Once they made it up the steep hill, they dumped a huge pile of petrified palm root in front of his door. He offered them some cold refreshments and hugged them like they were family. They all laughed and joked a bit.

I was surprised by the way they transported the material. The supplier comforted me by telling me that they have always delivered stone that way and that the rock source is very close. They are all long time friends earning a living by doing what they love to do. Modern delivery vehicles and machinery are not so common in this remote region as people live a simple life style.

We thoroughly enjoy working with this supplier because we can obtain some of the best petrified palm root available at a reasonable price. We also enjoy helping support his fine family and everyone involved in all the hard work.