Janet Thornton


Ms. Thornton was exposed to her native London’s broad based spectrum of galleries, museums and architectural wonders at an early age. Winning her a national art scholarship award at the age of sixteen. Followed by many recognitions and awards of merit. It was almost inevitable that art in all of its forms would become an intricate and central part of her life.

Trained in Europe and the United States Ms. Thornton refuses to be constrained to any single school or be limited to any single medium. She is currently exploring and studying the avenues afforded by digital art. “My work develops as a concept, is inspired and motivated by life’s experiences and finally created into its unique image.”

She has evolved into an artist whose unexpected, sometimes whimsical, blending of images and materials demonstrates a high level of technical skill and a rare degree of insightful creativity and imagination.

In addition to the United States her woks currently hang in such diverse locations as London, Sydney, Johannesburg, Rio De Janeiro, Zurich and Edinburgh.

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