Elizabeth Decicco

Elizabeth traveled a bit as a child, born in Europe, a child of a teacher and a service man. She moved from the west coast to the east coast several times, her family finally anchored in New England. Cape Cod became her true childhood home. As a young woman curiosity took her to other areas of the country. Realizing she missed home she found herself back to Massachusetts. Cape Cod is where she spent most of her childhood. Love for the family, great friends and nature has reflected in Elizabeth's fine oil paintings over the years.

The artist finds interest in a variety of subjects. She says "Subjects for painting are all around us, landscapes, people and wildlife creates a enjoyable painting experience."

Fine art influences always existed from the Great Masters. Elizabeth also appreciates the passion from less legendary artists. Fabulous new talents throughout the art world have yet been discovered, making art always exciting.

She will continue her passion for painting new subjects, bringing her vision to life through her artwork.

Elizabeth says she hopes you all enjoy her fine art paintings, whether it is to invest in an heirloom or acquire for your own pleasure. Elizabeth will continue to share what she sees by creating fine oil paintings on canvas.

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